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Claiming Compensation For An Injury At Tesco

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Tesco is Britain’s largest retailer, with over stores 2,000 across the country. 17 million products are sold every week in Tesco, and the company employs around 260,000 people, making it the UK's largest private sector employer. For a compensation claim to succeed against Tesco it will need to be proved that an accident and the resulting injuries were caused by the negligence of Tesco management or staff. Tesco have a duty of care to protect customers, as far as reasonably possibly, from having an accident and getting injured on their premises. Many accidents involve people who have slipped on a wet floor in Tesco. We have handled many successful claims against Tesco for slipping on wet floors, and various other accident types.

Typical Accidents At Tesco Supermarkets

  • Slips and falls e.g. wet floors (recent cleaning and leakages), spilled products, litter

  • Trips over obstacles e.g. pallets, packaging materials, stock cages

  • Objects falling from height e.g cans from shelves, aisle signs, product displays

  • Trips and falls in car parks e.g. surface defects (pot holes, raised concrete, broken drain covers)

  • Ice and Snow injuries in winter
  • Slip and trip accidents in supermarkets account for the majority of injuries to customers and staff. We receive regular calls from customers who have slipped at the entrance to Tesco. Others have slipped on butter in Tesco that was not be cleared away in time. Many other products can also cause injury to shoppers. For example, it is not uncommon for a customer to slip on milk in Tesco. Where a floor has been recently cleaned and is slippery, clear warning signs should be in place to prevent access. Our solicitors are also successful at claiming for injuries caused by slipping on ice at Tesco, a common accident in winter.

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  • Injuries Among Tesco Workers

    Tesco employees may suffer back injuries, when stacking shelves over long periods of time or unloading goods at a distribution centre warehouse. These Tesco back accidents are quite common, and can command high compensation levels depending on the injury, particularly where a back problem is ongoing and possibly permanently disabling.

    Tesco Accident Compensation Claims

    A common question from clients is can I claim compensation from Tesco If I was injured through no fault of my own on their premises? The answer is usually yes provided that your claim relates to an accident in Tesco that has taken place in the last three years. Bartletts offer no win no fee solicitors for claiming against Tesco. The vast majority of the claims we take on are successful.

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