Accident Compensation Claims Against Lidl & Aldi Could Rise

June 28th, 2012 | Posted by admin in Uncategorized

By Jerome Burch

This Year Our Solicitors Have Claimed Against Discount Stores

Bartletts have represented a number of clients this year who have been injured at supermarkets which are not part of the traditional ‘big four’ (Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons). Shopping patterns appear to be changing amidst the ongoing economic downturn; the latest IGD Shopper Vista survey has found that almost a third of supermarket shoppers plan to increase their spending at discount chains this year, with Aldi and Lidl the main beneficiaries.

Price Wars Lead To An Increase In Supermarket Accident Claims

Cash-strapped consumers are looking for the best deal for themselves and their families. Frozen food sales have surged recently, particularly at Iceland and Lidl (both of which have recently announced year-on-year sales gains and increased profits). The competition between the major supermarket chains has never been fiercer, and the pressure is on the major supermarket groups, in the face of generally declining sales, to cut costs and deliver better deals at the till.

I Was Injured At A Checkout Can I Claim Compensation?

Yes. It is not surprising that accidents at supermarket checkouts are increasing. Profit margins on food and other products are so tight that many supermarkets will be looking at their staffing arrangements, and this will most likely lead to longer queues at the checkout. There is also a risk that health and safety procedures will lapse, particularly in the coming few weeks, when many supermarket chains plan 24 hour opening to meet demand fuelled by the London Olympics.

Supermarket Accident Solicitor

Joe Smith is a senior personal injury solicitor who joined Bartletts 12 years ago. He manages our team of supermarket accident lawyers, and has successfully handled claims against all the major chains, including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons.

Joe can advise whether you are a shopper who has been injured at a supermarket, or if you are an employee who has been injured in the course of your work. Contact Joe and our specialist personal injury solicitors today for free advice, or to get started making a claim.

Which Solicitors Can Claim Compensation From A Supermarket When An Accident Was Not My Fault?

Our firm can on a no win no fee basis. Remember, supermarkets have a legal responsibility to ensure that sufficient numbers of staff are on duty at all times, to minimise the risk of customers (and staff) getting injured through no fault of their own. Where they fail in this regard, an injured shopper will have strong grounds for making a compensation claim. Contact our team of specialist supermarket accident solicitors today for free, confidential advice.

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