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Lack Of Training Compensation Awards

Lack of training can lead to compensation claims for a host of injuries of varying severity. A minor back injury caused by inappropriate lifting techniques will result in compensation awards of up to £5,000, where a full recovery in made within 2 years. The most serious category of back injury can lead to awards of between £64,250 and £108,000, depending on the ongoing consequences of the injury. Falls from height can be caused by lack of training, and often result in fracture injuries. An extensive fracture of the pelvis or hip can lead to substantial residual difficulties and compensation awards will vary between £50,000 and £83,500. Where serious damage to both hands has resulted in significant loss of function awards will be between £35,000 and £54,000. Lack of training can also lead to repetitive strain injuries. Generally awards in this area will not exceed £14,750.

Lack Of Training Compensation Case Study 1

SITUATION: Mr Perry was employed as a cavity wall insulator and had not received the correct training how to use ladders which we was required to use on a daily basis. Mr Perry fell from a set of ladders during the course of his employment and sustained a fracture or his ankle which prevented him from working for some considerable time and was also in hospital for 5 days.

RESULT: Liability was denied by the insurers for Mr Perry’s employers for some considerable time. Mr Perry’s employers accepted liability eventually, agreeing that lack of training had played a part in the accident, but alleged he was partly to blame. We agreed liability on behalf of Mr. Perry. Mr Perry received £9,500 compensation for personal injury together with damages to cover his loss of earnings.

Lack Of Training Compensation Case Study 2

SITUATION: Mr Pauvic worked at a chicken farm, where one of his jobs was feeding the chickens on the farm. There was a machine with a conveyor belt which distributed the chicken feed to the chickens. This has broken down and Mr Pauvic fed the chickens by hand. He would not have had enough time to feed all of the chickens during the day. He reported the problem to his employer, and his employer told him to fix the conveyor belt.

RESULT: Mr Pauvic had not been trained how to do this. He was told to just get on with it. He was taking the belt apart when it automatically started, jamming his fingers. He sustained partial amputations to his ring and middle finger. Mr Pauvic brought a claim against his employer and he was awarded £7,500 compensation for his injury, £2,000 loss of earnings and all of his travelling and medical expenses were paid.

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