Finger Injury Compensation Claims

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Compensation awards for finger injuries depends on three main factors; which specific finger has been injured, the extent of the damage and the ongoing ramifications for the injured person. While the majority of work related finger injuries are minor, there are also several categories of more serious finger injury types. These mainly result from blunt, heavy trauma to the fingers, and repetitive strain injuries caused by working practices, the effects of which accumulate over time.

Work Related Finger Injuries

  • Strains and Sprains from Manual Handling

  • Fingers Trapped or Crushed by Heavy Objects

  • Lacerations from Sharp Tools and Equipment

  • Fractures and Dislocations from Slips, Trips and Falls
  • Which Industries Are Most Affected By Finger Injuries?

    Factories, warehouses, construction sites, garages and kitchens are all common locations where finger injuries occur. Factory operatives on production lines face the risk of fingers becoming caught or trapped in machines, often causing crush injuries and deep lacerations. Workers in kitchens and garages constantly handle sharp and hot metallic items, as well as potentially dangerous equipment such as blenders. Excessive force exerted on the fingers from lifting and similar manual tasks can cause soft tissue damage, fractures and dislocations. Slips, trips and falls are another regular cause of finger injuries, as the body's natural reaction is to break the fall with the hands and fingers.

    Responsibilities Of Employers To Prevent Finger Injuries At Work

    Employers have multiple duties to prevent finger injuries in the workplace. Workers must be supplied with the necessary protective equipment, such as heavy duty gloves, and adequate training must be provided to ensure employees do not pose a risk to themselves and others. A safe system of work must be followed, and machinery must be properly maintained, free from defects which could cause injury. The workplace must be also kept free from obstacles which may cause a person to slip, trip and fall. In winter ice and snow poses a particular challenge to employers, who must make sure all outdoor areas, such as office car parks, are not slippery and treacherous.

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  • Finger Injury Complications & Repetitive Strain

    While most finger injuries are minor and heal quickly, fractures and other crush injuries may lead to lead to ongoing complications. A serious finger injury caused by heavy trauma may result in a loss of mobility, grip and sensation. Given the critical role of the fingers and hands, such injuries can require considerable time off work and also impact on the injured person's day to day lifestyle. There is also the possibility of future infection and osteoarthritis developing in the joint. Repetitive strain injuries may develop in the fingers over time caused by working conditions. These include Vibration White Finger, associated with the overuse of power tools, and Trigger Finger (tenosynovitis), where fingers become locked in a 'trigger' position.

    How Much Can I Claim For A Finger Injury?

    Multiple, severe fractures to the fingers may involve loss of sensation, grip and mechanical function. In this case finger injury compensation awards may rise to £23,500. Where a finger is amputated, compensation awards depend on the specific finger. Loss of a middle or index finger will lead to respective awards of roughly £10,000 and £12,000. Compensation for the loss of a thumb will range from £22,750 to £35,500. Serious injuries short of amputation will result in lower compensation awards, depending on factors including the level of ongoing impairment to grip and manual dexterity, damage to nerves and tendons, cosmetic deformity, and the possibility of osteoarthritis developing. Minor injuries such as the fracture of one finger will result in compensation between £1,900 and £3,000 depending on the recovery time.

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