Eye Injury Compensation Claims

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The eye is probably the most important and sensitive feature of the human anatomy. Though the eyes are protected naturally by eyelashes and the sockets of the skull in which they sit, eye injuries in the workplace are common, and in the most serious cases, can have life-altering consequences for an injured worker and their family.

Typical Causes Of Eye Injures At Work

The most regular cause of eyes injuries at work is known as 'foreign bodies', where a small object has entered and become lodged in the cornea (the outer surface of the eye). When a foreign body, such as a splinter of wood, flies into the eye and becomes stuck there, the eye will naturally produce tears in an attempt to dislodge the object. A worker’s vision may be blurred, and the eye itself may be bloodshot and painful. Damage to the eye may include a shallow scratch, that does not perforate the cornea, and heals quickly, or a deeper cut, known as a full thickness laceration (rupture globe), where the cornea will require sutures (tiny stitches) to repair.

Apart from foreign bodies, caustic chemicals and extreme light can cause catastrophic damage to the eyes, potentially resulting in permanent blindness. Workers in certain industries face specific risks of eye injuries on a daily basis. These include:

  • Garage & Factory Workers - ‘Foreign bodies’, including shards, slivers and splinters of materials may become lodged in the eye

  • Manufacturing Workers - Exposure in caustic chemicals in liquids and toxic fumes

  • Kitchen Workers & Chefs - Exposure to hot oils, fats, boiling liquids and steam

  • Welders & Laboratory Technicians - Exposure to extreme bright light, e.g. welding flames, laser beams
  • Employers must ensure that workers are properly trained in how to handle dangerous materials and equipment, and also provide them with protective goggles where necessary. Most importantly employers are required by law to provide a safe working premises and a safe system of work that reduces the risk of eye injuries among workers to the lowest possible level.

    Eye Injury Compensation Awards

    Our solicitors have many years of combined experience in claiming compensation for eye injuries from employers on behalf of workers. Compensation awards reflect both physical and emotional pain and suffering, as well as loss of earnings, the cost of medical treatment and other sundry expenses. The amount of compensation will depend essentially on the extent of the damage done to the eye(s), and the implications of the injury for the claimant’s future life.

    Minor eye injuries from which a full recovery is made relatively quickly will result in compensation awards of between £1,000 and £4,000. Where vision is permanently affected, but short of blindness, eye injury compensation will scale up to £25,000. Total blindness in one eye will lead to compensation of up to £34,000. The most serious type of eye injury results in blindness in both eyes. Compensation for this type of injury will be anything up to £155,000.

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