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Solicitors Claiming Compensation For Broken Ankles

The ankle joint represents the intersection of the tibia and fibula bones in the lower leg, and the talus bone which connects the lower leg to the foot. The ankle serves the dual purposes of supporting the body while standing up, and facilitating walking and running. A simple break will involve some time in plaster with the use of crutches, and the bones will realign and heal naturally in a matter of weeks. Complicated ankle fractures are likely to require surgery, and the recovery time will extend to months. These include:

  • Impacted Fractures - ends of the broken bone are driven into each other

  • Comminuted Fractures - bone has broken into multiple pieces

  • Spiral Fractures - the crack spirals around and along the bone
  • Broken Ankle Accidents At Work

    In the winter months, hospital admissions for broken ankle injuries rise sharply due to freezing conditions, with slips on ice and snow violently forcing the ankle off at an unnatural angle, causing it to break. Broken ankle injuries among workers are often the result of defective or poorly maintained equipment, such as collapsing ladders, or hazardous premises in general. In busy working environments, such as on building sites, there is the risk of obstacles being discarded in the path of workers, causing them to trip and fall. These types of accident may be the result of an employer or co-worker's negligence for the purposes of claiming compensation.

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  • Broken Ankle Treatment & Complications

    Surgical intervention is recommended by doctors in broken ankle cases where it will speed up the healing process relative to wearing a plaster cast. Often plates, pins and screws will be inserted to realign and hold the bones in their proper position. A number of possible medical complications may come into the equation, including the possibility of arthritis, infection and non-union (where the bones will not reset). An injured person may develop a permanent limp, and experience pain in the joint during cold weather.

    Broken ankles invariably cause serious problems in daily life due to mobility difficulties. If an injured person's job involves extensive periods of time standing up, they may be unable to return to work or resume full duties for weeks or months. The most severe broken ankle injuries will cause permanent weakness in the joint, and may signify a major deterioration in quality of life, particularly if a person is forced to give up hobbies and sports, or retire from work altogether.

    How Much Compensation For A Broken Ankle?

    Our clients often ask us how much compensation can I claim for a broken ankle? The answer is that the size of compensation awards for a broken ankle depends largely on the residual effects of the injury. Compensation for a simple ankle fracture, which heals fully in a matter of weeks or a few months, generally ranges between £3,000 and £4,000. Where a fracture is more complicated, and causes ongoing problems such as aches and discomfort, compensation awards will rise to a maximum of £8,000. The most serious fractures will involve a residual disability, such as a limp, or difficulty managing stairs. Compensation in these cases may rise to £17,000.

    Broken Ankle Compensation Claims

    When our personal injury lawyers are asked; can I claim compensation for a broken ankle? The answer is usually yes. Provided your claim relates to an accident that has taken place in the last three years, we can represent you on a No Win No Fee basis. The vast majority of the claims we take on are successful.

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