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Claim Compensation For A Herniated Disc Caused By Work

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By Stephen Morse

Lower back pain can be caused by what is known nerve root impingement, where the sciatic nerve in the lower back is compressed and pinched, in 90% of cases due to a prolapsed disc, also known as a herniated or slipped disc. In cases such as these, the jelly-like inner part of the disc protrudes out (prolapses) through a weakness in the disc’s tough outer shell, touching and pressing on the root of the sciatic nerve. This is sometimes known as a trapped nerve, and can lead to sharp pains shooting down the entire length of the sciatic nerve, from the lower back down the buttocks and back of the legs to the feet, symptoms referred to collectively sciatica. Aches, numbness, tingling sensations and weakness radiating down the body are also indicative of sciatica.

Can I Claim For A Herniated Disc Caused By An Accident At Work?

Intervertebral discs sit between and cushion individual vertebrae in the spine, and degenerate in strength with age, making them increasingly likely to rupture and become herniated. Repetitive physical strain placed on the back and spine over time may speed up this deterioration and cause a rupture, though the majority of work related herniated disc injuries stem from traumatic accidents, such as lifting an excessive load without the necessary support, or slipping over and landing awkwardly. Injuries of this kind can cause severe pain and loss of mobility for a prolonged period. While rest, muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory and pain killing medication will resolve the majority of herniated disc injuries, in around one in ten cases delicate surgery will be required, with uncertain results, given the complexity of the spine and the crucial role it plays in the body’s mobility.

Can My Employer Be Held Responsible For My Herniated Disc Injury?

In some cases, a herniated disc may tear or otherwise damage the sciatic nerve, and this can lead to more serious symptoms, including loss of mobility in the knees and legs, as well as loss of bladder control and sexual function. Where a herniated disc and symptoms such as these are caused by an employer’s failure to provide reasonably safe working conditions, an injured employee will have strong grounds for suing them, and if their claim is successful they will be compensated according to the severity and duration of their symptoms. Bartletts has a team of solicitors specialising in lower back problems caused by work, including herniated discs and nerve root pain. We can advise for free and in the strictest confidence on potential claims against both current and previous employers.

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Stephen Morse is a senior personal injury solicitor who joined Bartletts in 2005. Steve specialises in claiming compensation for back injuries and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) on behalf of workers across a range of industries and professions.

Steve has experience in claims for back strains and sprains, slipped discs, trapped nerves, sciatica and fractured vertebrae. Contact Steve and our team of specialist work accident solicitors today for free advice, or to get started making a claim.

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